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 County Landfill / Transfer Stations
Manager: Randy Rarick
Operator: Buff Davis

Operator: Decker Perkins
Phone: 435-678-3070
Address: P.O. Box 5
              Mile Post 35 Hwy 191
              Blanding, UT 84511 

Landfill Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:00pm




$10.00             Minimum charge - any type of trash

$10.00             Punch Pass - good for 4 separate dumps of 4 bags or less (residential only)
$10.00*            Pickup truck or car load (residential trash)

$10.00*            Single axle trailer only (residential trash)

$15.00*            Double axle trailer only (residential trash)

$15.00*            Pickup and single axle trailer (residential trash)

$20.00*            Pickup and double axle trailer (residential trash)

       *Standard Load of 6 cu yd or less, otherwise we default to $6.00 / cu yd
$6.00/cu yd       For any Commercial load of trash received at any transfer station location

                                 (any single load of 6 cubic yards or more)

$30.00/ton        Any vehicle with commercial / construction trash brought to the Landfill

           (construction = structural wood, concrete, insulation, plumbing, piping, shingles, etc.)
           (commercial = you are getting compensated to deliver trash to the Landfill)



$2.00                per car or pickup tire    

$5.00                per semi truck tire (up to 11-24.5)

$20.00              per tractor tire (anything larger than an 11-24.5 semi tire)



$40.00/ea        Non-evacuated freezers & refrigerators (we will have them evacuated)

$10.00/ea        Evacuated freezers & refrigerators (proper evacuation documentation req.)

$10.00/ea        Washers, dryers, water heaters, swamp cooler, etc.



$7.00              per small dead animal (cat, dog)

$10.00            per large dead animal (goat, sheep, horse, cow)

$0.00              No charge for clean used oil.

Construction and demolition materials * will be dumped into a pit separate from the residential trash pit. *(Landfill only... no construction / demolition or commercial debris
                                                          accepted at the Transfer Stations).

 There are also dedicated locations to dispose of tires, green waste, white goods, clean used oil, batteries, and small amounts of scrap metal. You will be asked to unload trash in the proper area.

By law, the landfill CAN NOT bury, and in some cases accept, any hazardous waste materials. Hazardous waste material is anything explosive, flammable, toxic, reactive, corrosive, pesticides, liquids, batteries, bio-medical wastes (blood, needles, etc.), PCB's, friable-asbestos, or radioactive materials.

Refrigerators and freezers are accepted, but are not burried. They are held for future recycling.
Tires of all sizes are accepted, but not buried. They are held for future recycling.
Clean used oil is accepted and stored for future recycling.
Batteries are accepted and are stored for future recycling.
Every effort is made to separate E-Waste and store for future recycling.

Bluff Transfer Station
Attendant: Darryl George
Address: 2326 S. Hwy 191
                 Bluff, UT 84512
Transfer Station Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 1:00pm-4:30pm
Rates:      Listed above-(see the list below of items not accepted at County Transfer


Mexican Hat Transfer Station
Attendant: Darryl George
Address: 2190 S. Hwy 163
                 Mexican Hat, UT
Transfer Station Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 8:00am-11:30am
Rates:      Listed above-(see the list below of items not accepted at County Transfer


LaSal Transfer Station
Attendant: Karen Foster
Address: 591 E Hwy 46
                 LaSal, UT
Transfer Station Hours: Winter Hours (November - March)

                                                       Thursday - 10am - 5pm

                                                       Friday - 9am - 5pm

                                                       Saturday 10am - 5pm

                                         Summer Hours  (April - October)

                                                        Thursday - 10am - 5pm

                                                        Friday - 10am - 6pm

                                                        Saturday - 10am - 5pm
Rates:      Listed above-(see the list below of items not accepted at County Transfer




Transfer Station "BANNED materials"


Due to various federal, state, and local laws, the following waste items CAN NOT be disposed of at the Transfer Station locations:


Construction debris / waste  PCB's
Human Waste Friable Asbestos
Bio-medical waste (blood, needles, etc.)  Cement / Asphalt
Dead Animals   Anit Freeze
Liquids (paint, solvent, cooking oil, pesticides, herbicides) Contaminated Oil
Tree Stumps (over 100 lbs.) Contaminated Soil
Tractor Tires (larger than 11-24.5)  Radio Active Material
Large Scrap Metal (anything over 100 lbs.)  


*The above mentioned "Banned Materials" list may change as needed to comply with ever changing federal, state and local rules / laws


*Landfill operators / Transfer Station operators reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at anytime.


*Illegal dumping is not allowed and violators will be held accountable, which may include prosecution.


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